Privacy Policy

Intellcom Group is responsible to keep every user's information confidential. Data provided during registration is kept on Intellcom Group's protected server in accordance with existing regulations.

Intellcom Group keeps the user's e-mail and phone number for communication purpose and user's address - to ensure delivery.

When a user visits web site for security reasons following cookie files are saved in browser:

login_id, login_key - being used for the website user's authorization;
switch_customer_id - being used for account switching;
device_version - being used to identify device version;
view - being used for visual appearance of products listed in the catalogue (grid/list);
PHPSESSID - being used to identify session ID

Also, to further improve the website, Intellcom Group uses the services, which keep following cookie files in the user's browser:

_clck, _clsk - Microsoft Clarity;
__utma,__utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz - Google Analytics.

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